Vitamin Shots

Your Pathway to Health and Vitality

IV Drip Vitamin Infusion Therapy Saline Bag demonstrating the purity of our iv immune booster therapy.

B12 Methylcobalamin: Recharge and Concentrate

Feel like you’re perpetually drained? B12 Methylcobalamin might be your answer. This vitamin shot boosts energy, improves sleep quality, and supports the nervous system. Say goodbye to constant fatigue and embrace enhanced mental focus with this essential vitamin shot.

Biotin: Radiate Health and Beauty

Discover Biotin, the vital nutrient supporting heart, eye, and nervous system health. Beyond internal benefits, Biotin brings out radiant hair, nails, and skin. From managing diabetes symptoms to maintaining lush locks, this vitamin shot is a holistic beauty and health enhancer.

B12 Lipo MIC: Fast-track Your Weight Loss

Targeting those stubborn pounds? B12 Lipo MIC is designed to elevate metabolism, burn fat, and support mental wellness. Experience a comprehensive health boost that includes liver detox, improved mood, and preventive care against cholesterol accumulation.

Tri-Immune Boost: Your Comprehensive Immune Support

Empower your immune system with Tri-Immune Boost. Combining Glutathione, Vitamin C, and Zinc, it fights aging, enhances skin quality, and detoxifies. From accelerating wound healing to reducing inflammation, it’s the shield your body needs.

Vitamin C: The All-Rounder Immune Booster

Amplify your body’s defenses with Vitamin C. Ideal for combating allergies, enhancing wound healing, and maintaining cardiovascular health, this vitamin shot is a must-add to your wellness routine.

Vitamin D: The Foundation for Bones and Immunity

Strengthen your bones, enhance calcium absorption, and shield yourself from various infections with Vitamin D. A key player in preventing osteoporosis and multiple sclerosis, Vitamin D is integral for holistic health.

Find Your Ideal Vitamin Shot at The Wellness Center PDX

Navigate the world of vitamin shots with confidence. Contact The Wellness Center PDX for a consultation to identify the right vitamin shot tailored to your health aspirations. Let our professionals guide you to a rejuvenated lifestyle.