Effective Treatment for Auto Accident Injuries at The Wellness Center PDX:

Automobile accidents occur frequently, resulting in a wide range of injuries that may not be immediately apparent. However, at The Wellness Center PDX, our skilled chiropractors and alternative medicine professionals are dedicated to assisting individuals of all ages who are grappling with diverse auto accident injuries.

Common Auto Accident Injuries:

Our team specializes in assessing and treating several common auto accident injuries, including:


A condition characterized by neck pain, shoulder discomfort, headaches, and other symptoms resulting from abrupt and forceful neck movements during sudden stops or directional changes.

Shoulder Injury

This encompasses rotator cuff strains or tears, as well as brachial plexus injuries, often caused by seat belt impact.

Disc Injury

Herniation or bulging of spinal discs can impinge on nearby nerves and structures, leading to pain, numbness, weakness, and back pain.

Knee Injury

Blunt impact to the knee against the dashboard can result in damage to the knee cap, tendons, and ligaments (commonly known as “dashboard knee.”)

Interestingly, certain injuries may not manifest immediately after an auto accident due to hormonal surges like adrenaline, which can temporarily mask pain. However, these injuries may resurface days, weeks, or even months later. Therefore, it is crucial to seek professional evaluation promptly, even if you feel “fine” initially.

How Our Auto Accident Injury Specialists Can Assist You:

Our approach to auto accident injury care is meticulously tailored to each individual, placing utmost emphasis on non-invasive and drug-free methods to mitigate side effects. Additionally, our comprehensive services encompass a wide range of offerings:

Chiropractic Adjustments

Realignment of displaced joints, promoting the release of natural pain-relieving hormones.


Precise insertion of sterile needles into trigger points, regulating the nervous system and facilitating healing in various bodily systems.

Massage Therapy

Manual techniques that alleviate tension, improve circulation, and promote pain and stress relief in injured tissues.