Degenerative Disc Disease

At The Wellness Center, we don’t just treat the symptoms; we address the core issue. Our seasoned chiropractors differentiate disc problems from other spinal anomalies. Their approach, coupled with a detailed medical history review and symptom analysis, paves the way for tailored treatments.

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Degenerative Disc Disease

Degenerative disc disease marks the intersection of natural spinal evolutions and ensuing discomfort. Witnessing your spinal discs degrade and feeling pain because of it? That's a clear sign.

Spotting the Symptoms

Thirsty Discs

With age, spinal discs dry out. This dehydration shrinks them, making them less capable of cushioning your vertebrae.

Disc Deterioration

Life's wear and tear and unexpected injuries can rupture the disc's outer layer. These tiny fissures not only hurt because they’re abundant in nerves but can also let the inner core ooze out and agitate adjacent nerves.

Types of Disc Degeneration We Address

Disc Desiccation

The loss of fluid in your discs over time, leading to decreased disc elasticity and potential pain.

Annular Tears

Tears on the outermost layer of the spinal disc, often painful due to the rich nerve supply.

Disc Bulging

When the disc's core pushes against its outer perimeter but doesn’t break through.

Disc Herniation

The jutting out of the disc material beyond the normal boundaries, often pressing on adjacent nerves.

Did You Know?

Degenerative disc disease isn't actually a "disease". It's a term used to describe the natural changes in the spine as we age. The name might sound alarming, but it’s more about natural wear and change than an actual disease.

Frequently Asked Questions​

What is the primary cause of degenerative disc disease?

Ageing and wear-and-tear of the spinal discs are primary causes. However, injuries can also accelerate the process.

Through meticulous evaluation of medical history, symptom assessment, and possibly imaging studies to pinpoint the exact issue.

Yes, other spinal conditions can have similar symptoms. This makes a professional evaluation critical.

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