Neck Pain

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Understanding Neck Pain

Strain & Tension

Prolonged computer use, poor posture, and activities requiring constant neck bending can strain muscles.

Sleep Patterns

Unfavorable sleeping positions and teeth grinding can contribute to neck discomfort.

Accidents & Whiplash

Sudden jerking of the head can lead to severe neck injuries.

Medical Conditions

Diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and even cancer can be underlying causes.

Signs & Symptoms

Persistent Aches

Regular discomfort or pain in the neck.


Occurring at the back of the head or temples.​

Restricted Movement

Difficulty turning the head or bending the neck.

Radiating Discomfort

Pain that extends to the shoulders or down the arms.

Treatment & Techniques

Massage Therapy

To relax tensed muscles and alleviate pain.

Chiropractic Care

Techniques to improve alignment and reduce discomfort.

Supervised Exercise

Tailored regimens to bolster neck strength and flexibility.

Did You Know?

A whopping 10% of the global population suffers from neck pain at any given time.

Bad posture is among the leading contributors to neck discomfort.

Your neck supports an average weight of 10-12 pounds – the weight of a bowling ball!

Frequently Asked Questions​

When should I seek professional treatment for neck pain?

If you experience chronic pain affecting daily activities or pain that radiates down your arms, it’s essential to consult a healthcare professional.

While some cases might benefit from medication, many find relief through non-medical treatments like those offered at The Wellness Center.

Yes, supervised exercises can significantly improve posture and alignment, helping to alleviate certain types of neck pain.

While prolonged computer use can contribute to neck pain due to poor posture, many other factors can cause neck discomfort, including injuries, underlying medical conditions, and more.

Absolutely. Ergonomic adjustments can reduce strain and risk of pain.

Ideally, take a 5-minute break every hour. Stretch, move, and adjust your posture.

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