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Welcome to The Wellness Center PDX

Welcome to The Wellness Center PDX

Welcome to The Wellness Center PDXWelcome to The Wellness Center PDXWelcome to The Wellness Center PDX

Portland Location: 1359 NE 35th Ave Portland OR 97232

Beaverton Location: 11750 SW Barnes Rd #240 Portland OR 97225 

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Portland Location( (503) 389-5545
Beaverton Location (503) 389-6962 


Auto Accident Injury Treatment

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Portland Location( (503) 389-5545
Beaverton Location (503) 389-6962 

Wellness Center Portland Beaverton

Portland and Beaverton Chiropractic and Wellness Center

Providing Quality Care for Portland, Beaverton, and Surrounding Areas

The Wellness Center PDX is a high-quality chiropractic care and complete  wellness facility that will help manage a variety of pain issues in  your life. We staff only the finest doctors in Portland and work hard to  provide you with the kind of precise and healing care that you need for  your overall health.  

Meet Our Dedicated and Caring Doctors

Our main Portland chiropractor, Dr. Mark Gabriel, is a professional who has been serving Portland since 2011. Dr. Gabriel has built up a reliable staff of experts including naturopathic doctors, chiropractic doctors, acupuncturists and massage therapists. We also have several staff members providing scheduling and billing services to provide our patients with a seamless experience. While wellness center serves Portland and Beaverton residents with our care, we also provide services to Bethany, Lake Oswego, Oak Hills, Cedar Mill, and West Linn residents. Because we are dedicated to helping as many patients as possible, we are always willing to accept new patients from outside of our generalized service area. 

Services Provided at our Portland Wellness Center

While we primarily focus on chiropractic treatments to address pain, our interdisciplinary team approach helps us to achieve more than just relief from pain.We also provide massage therapy for injury recovery, to relieve  muscle pain, or for stress relief. And our naturopathic doctor can  provide you with holistic care that manages multiple elements of your  physical and mental health. Our comprehensive wellness services include:

Our Wellness treatments

Treatments for Motor Vehicle Accidents


Whether or not you plan on suing the responsible party, it is important to seek early treatment to avoid developing chronic pain after a car accident. Chiropractors can safely and effectively alleviate acute and chronic symptoms after auto injury, so you can get back to living your life free pain.

Treatment for Knees and Shoulders


During care, we will look at your knee pain as well as checking adjacent structures like the low back, the hip and ankles. Our providers can help bring back normal joint motion and reduce pain with specific chiropractic adjustments, physiotherapy, exercises, laser therapy, or acupuncture.

Laser Therapy


Combining specific red and near infrared light wavelengths to create a  photochemical and therapeutic effect, laser therapy treats our bodies.  Laser therapy is effective for increasing circulation, decreasing  inflammation, reducing pain and decreasing muscle spasms and joint  stiffness. 

New Solutions for Neuropathy


Nerve conduction and EMG studies are both offered at The Wellness Center. The tests are minimally invasive procedures, and are important in determining the cause of any numbness or tingling you are having in your hands, legs, or feet. The results of this test help our providers create the best treatment plan for you, targeting the cause of your numbness. This could include providing bracing, chiropractic care, massage, naturopathic care, prescribing home exercise routines, and nutritional advice.

Getting the Help You Need at the Wellness Center PDX

If you think that you need chiropractic help in Portland and Beaverton,  please don't hesitate to contact us at The Wellness Center PDX. You can  get a hold of us online to book the appointment or you can call us at  our Portland Chiropractor and Wellness location at (503) 389-5545 or our Beaverton Chiropractor and Wellness  location at (503) 389-6962 to schedule a consultation and learn our treatment plans. Please don't hesitate to take this step to eliminate pain from your life.