Upper Back Pain

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Man experiencing shoulder discomfort, indicating the area of pain with his hand.

Muscle Deconditioning: The Impact of Poor Posture

Everyone understands the benefits of exercise, notably how it strengthens and conditions our muscles. Similarly, lack of proper care and constant poor posture, especially slouching, can lead to muscle deconditioning. When your muscles weaken due to such habits, it paves the way for strains that manifest as upper back pain.

Consequences of Overusing Muscles

Any muscle, when overused, can lead to complications like irritation, tightness, and strains. Upper back pain often originates from repetitive actions that strain these muscles. Activities such as consistently lifting heavy items during your workday can be a significant contributor. Left unattended, this pain can transition from being an occasional discomfort to a chronic issue.

Traumatic Injury: A Common Culprit

Traumatic injuries, whether to muscles or bones, stand out as frequent causes of upper back pain. Examples of such injuries include:

  • Automobile accidents
  • Slips and falls
  • Incorrectly lifting heavy objects
  • Accidents at the workplace
  • Excessive strain during workouts

Some might experience pain immediately following the injury, while for others, symptoms might appear later.

The Role of Herniated Discs

Though herniated discs are predominantly a lower back concern, they can also plague the upper back. These discs are soft, cushion-like structures between your vertebrae. When one protrudes and exerts pressure on the spine, it results in upper back discomfort. Additionally, a herniated disc in this area might cause numbness or weakness in limbs.

Pinched Nerve: Another Concern

A pinched nerve arises when a herniated disc compresses a nerve, especially if located in the mid-back, leading to localized pain.

Osteoarthritis: Aging’s Contribution to Upper Back Pain

As age progresses, the cartilage cushioning your bones might degrade. When this degradation is severe, bones might rub against each other, leading to a painful condition known as osteoarthritis.

Relief at The Wellness Center PDX

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