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Upper Back Pain Relief

Upper back pain is less common than lower back pain and neck pain; however, it can be just as debilitating. Chronic upper back pain can make everyday tasks difficult. Doctors often refer to upper back pain as thoracic spine pain or TSP. There are a number of common causes for this type of pain. 

Muscle Deconditioning Through Poor Posture 

You likely know that through exercise, you can condition your muscles over time. Doing the opposite is possible. If you often slouch while sitting, your muscles can decondition. Over time, this weakness in your muscles can result in painful strains. 

Overuse of the Muscles 

If you overuse any muscle in your body, it can cause irritation, tightness, and muscle strain, muscle spasms. Repetitive actions that cause you to overuse your upper back muscles can cause upper back pain. If you spend your day at work lifting heavy objects, you can experience pain. If you ignore the pain, it can become chronic. 

Traumatic Injury 

Traumatic injuries to the muscles or bones in the upper back can result in pain. A few examples of a traumatic injury include: 

  • Car accident 
  • A slip and fall accident 
  • Lifting heavy objects incorrectly 
  • Work-related accidents 
  • Pushing yourself too hard while working out 

In some cases, you will feel the pain immediately after the accident. In others, it can take time for the pain from the injury to become apparent. 

Herniated Disc 

While herniated discs are more common in the lower back, it is possible to experience this condition in the upper back. Between each of the vertebra in your back, there are soft, rubbery cushions. A herniated disc occurs if one of the cushions pokes through and puts pressure on the spine. Even the slightest amount of pressure can cause pain in the upper back. A herniated disc in the upper back can also cause weakness and numbness in the arms or legs. 

Pinched Nerve 

If you have a herniated disc and it slips far enough out that it compresses a nerve, it is called a pinched nerve. If the nerve is located in the middle of the back, it can result in pain in that area. 


As you get older, the cartilage that cushions your bones can wear down. When this happens, it can wear down so much that the bones will rub together causing serious pain. This condition is called osteoarthritis. 

Upper Back Pain Relief: How to relieve upper back pain? If you are suffering from upper back pain, you should schedule an appointment with The Wellness Center PDX in Portland. Our chiropractor will perform a complete exam and use diagnostic tests such as x-ray,  MRI, or CT scan to determine the source of your pain and help reduce pain. When this has been  determined, we can create a upper back treatment plan to treat your condition and  help in upper back pain relief.