Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain Treatment Specialist

 People with shoulder pain go through life dealing with mobility issues as they may not be able to lift objects, carry things, or engage in sports activities. Dr. Mark Gabriel at The Wellness Center helps people find shoulder pain treatment to improve the quality of their lives in Portland Beaverton Hillsboro, Oregon. 


Why Does a Person Get Shoulder Pain?

People use their arms on a daily basis to perform a variety of activities, work tasks, and recreational sports. The shoulder offers a  wide range of motion as the tendons and muscles in the joints can undergo certain issues. People may experience normal straining,  fractures, and instability caused by the activities they engage in.  Other conditions such as arthritis, tendonitis, or inflammation called bursitis can cause shoulder pain. 

How Do Doctors Determine Shoulder Pain Problems?

When a person experiences acute shoulder pain that cannot be relieved by normal at-home remedies, such as rest, a doctor can perform an evaluation to figure out the issues. They first examine the person's medical history to see when the pain started while identifying general health problems that may be contributing to the shoulder pain. Next, the doctor performs a thorough physical examination to study where the pain is located and the severity of the pain. They may spot deformities or abnormalities that are present along the shoulder. In  addition, the doctor may recommend tests such as x-rays, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT), arthrogram, or ultrasound to take internal images of the shoulder joint and soft tissues to look for any trauma. 

What Treatments Are Available for Shoulder Pain?

A person's doctor may recommend certain medications to deal with the pain. Non-surgical chiropractic care and exercises also provide effective for shoulder pain treatment, shoulder muscle pain treatment. The Wellness Center offers massage therapy and supervised exercise therapies to improve the stability and strength of the person's shoulder. In addition, we also provide acupuncture that may improve circulation in the shoulder and throughout the body. With our treatments, we help people once again find the full use of their shoulders without dealing with the pain as they can once again enjoy a range of activities and sports that they love. 

If you are suffering from upper back pain, you should schedule an  appointment with The Wellness Center PDX in Portland. Our chiropractor  will perform a complete exam and use diagnostic tests such as x-ray,  MRI, or CT scan to determine the source of your pain. When this has been  determined, we can create a treatment plan to treat your condition and  help relieve your pain.