Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Specialist

When walking across the floor, a person may feel pain erupt in the heel of their foot. The severe morning pain may be an indication of plantar fasciitis. Dr. Mark Gabriel at The Wellness Center provides chiropractic care for people throughout Portland Beaverton Hillsboro , Oregon who may need plantar fasciitis treatment. 


What is Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is an injury that causes pain to appear in the soles of the feet. A person can feel the pain in the mornings or after exercising. The pain is caused when the fibrous tissue connecting the toes to the heel of the foot becomes inflamed. If left untreated, the injury turns into a chronic condition that affects how a person walks as this condition may lead to other issues such as back pain, knee pain,  hip pain or other foot problems. 

What Causes Plantar Fasciitis?

People who do a lot of walking or standing for long periods of time may get plantar fasciitis. People who are overweight, have flat feet, or have high arches may also find themselves dealing with this foot condition. In addition, women and people who perform walking or running exercises may develop this heel pain. 

What Are Common Treatments for Plantar Fasciitis?

A person can treat plantar fasciitis with exercise that involves stretching the foot to relieve the inflammation. Massage therapy and chiropractic treatments also help people stretch out the heel area to relax the fibrous tissue until the inflammation lessens and a person no longer feels any pain. Getting an examination when the pain first appears will help determine if a person has plantar fasciitis or if they may be suffering from some other type of injury that needs specific treatment. 

Are There Ways to Prevent Plantar Fasciitis?

Taking periodic breaks when standing or walking for long periods of time may help. In addition, a person should lose weight so they are not putting extra pressure on the heel area when they walk. They can also perform exercises targeting the foot area to keep the muscles,  ligaments, and tissues stretched to prevent future inflammation as they can do these exercises several times per day.