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Everyday Personal Injury - Our Portland and Beaverton Chiropractor On What To Do If You Slip, Fall

Your Portland chiropractor Dr. Mark Gabriel and his team at The Wellness Center PDX are here to help you address the physical pain in your life. You may have had a slip or a fall; you might have been in an automobile accident, or you might have even had some sort of chronic pain from repetitive stress at work or school. Whatever the source, we can work with you to get to the bottom of your ailment, using non-pharmaceutical methods to address your pain and set your body straight.

What are the common personal injuries?

We all hear complaints about back and neck pain, as well as soreness in joints. But this doesn't have to be an accepted part of your reality; you can live pain-free! In parallel to—or perhaps instead of—immediately looking to a prescription for relief, consider that these are personal injuries that a chiropractor can help relieve.  

Where do these injuries come from? The range is infinite. Acute trauma—such as a slip and fall, or a car accident—is a fairly obvious source of personal injury. However, there are many causes of injury hidden in everyday life that can even contribute to chronic pain. For example, sitting for many hours in front of a computer with faulty ergonomics can cause long-term injury, ranging from back pain through carpal tunnel syndrome in the wrists. Children carrying a heavy backpack or parents carrying a heavy child around can lead to poor posture or even joint pain. 

How can chiropractic care help?

There are all sorts of interventions a chiropractor can use to help you address your injuries and your pain. Again, it's important to remember that we do not use prescription medications to treat them.  

The most common and well-known intervention a chiropractor uses is the manipulation, which realigns the body—particularly the spine—to restore natural function to the body. Manipulation works well to restore joint mobility that was otherwise interrupted by strain or other injuries. In a controlled motion, Dr. Gabriel rapidly applies a force to counter the injury. 

There are other manual therapies that a chiropractor can use, although they are similar in principle. Additional options can include incorporating heat or electricity into their treatments, along with rehabilitative exercises to help restore normal motion. Some chiropractors offer nutritional counseling or even suggestions for dietary supplements as complementary elements of treatment. 

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