Neck Pain Relief

Neck Pain Relief Specialist

Dr. Mark Gabriel at The Wellness Center in Portland Beaverton Hillsboro, Oregon offers neck pain relief to people who experience chronic pain in the neck that can't be relieved by common home remedies. People can feel better again without the continuing neck issues that may affect their daily lifestyles.   


What Causes Neck Pain?

Common causes for neck pain involve muscle strains where a person may sit hunched over a computer screen or reading a book for long periods of time. They may also feel pain from gritting their teeth while sleeping. Other neck problems that can cause significant pain issues are accidents that create whiplash motions of the head and neck area, nerve compressions, joints that are worn out, and certain diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis or cancer. 

What Are Some Common Symptoms of Neck Pain?

People can experience a wide range of symptoms from neck pain. They may first show signs of a headache and feel the pain that becomes worse when they hold their head in one specific place for long amounts of time,  such as when they are at work. Then a person may feel spasms or feel a  tightness in their neck muscles. Another neck pain symptom is when a  person can barely move their head without experiencing difficulty. 


When Should a Person Seek Treatment?

If a person has slight neck pain that happens occasionally and responds well to home treatment, they often won't seek out additional care. Yet a person should speak with their doctor if they have mild to severe pain that is chronic in nature or that hampers a person's abilities to perform daily activities. A person should also seek out treatment if the neck pain starts to move down their arms or their body. 

What Treatments Are Available for Neck Pain?

The Wellness Center provides chiropractic care services for people who have neck and shoulder pain relief in the Portland, Oregon region. A person can obtain massage therapy and chiropractic physical therapy to help with their posture and alignment. In addition, people can undergo supervised exercises that help strengthen the muscles to prevent future neck pain issues. Here at The Wellness Center, we create a tailored treatment plan for our clients that will help people feel better. 

If you are suffering from neck pain, you should schedule an  appointment with The Wellness Center PDX in Portland. Our chiropractor  will perform a complete exam and use diagnostic tests such as x-ray,  MRI, or CT scan to determine the source of your pain. When this has been  determined, we can create a treatment plan to treat your condition and  help relieve your pain.