Massage Portland and Massage Beaverton

The Wellness Center PDX offers massage therapy for those looking to alleviate chronic pain, muscle tension or simply looking to achieve overall relaxation and body wellness. Massage therapy can have a profound positive effect on your health and wellness, from providing drug-free chronic pain management to helping you recover from injuries more quickly and completely.

That's why our team of massage therapists here at The Wellness Center  PDX in Portland Beaverton Hillsboro prescribe it for many of our patients as part of a  personalized holistic treatment program. Call now for an appointment!

Most Common Massage Therapy Techniques

Our team at The Wellness Center PDX may prescribe one particular type of massage therapy, or even several types of working synergistically, to address specific physical complaints. The most common types of massages  include:

  • Swedish Massage - Swedish massage is the light,  soothing massage so familiar to clients of day spas. The strokes are intended to stimulate circulation, expel inflammatory substances and relax muscles near the skin surface.
  • Deep Tissue Massage - Deep tissue massage uses more forceful strokes to manipulate underlying tissues. The deeper pressure releases natural painkilling substances and can even lower blood pressure.
  • Trigger Point Therapy - This therapy applies direct pressure to muscle knots called trigger points which refer pain to other areas of the body.
  • Sports Massage - Sports massage concentrates on the muscle groups used in your chosen athletic activity. It can loosen these muscles before an event, relieve pain following an event or help you rehabilitate a sports injury.

Experience The Benefits Of Massage Therapy

Our massage therapists can provide a wide range of benefits for body and mind. While the specific effects may vary from one type of massage  technique to another, overall this method of treatment can help with  such common issues as:

  • Back Pain - Spinal alignment problems or injuries can cause the major muscle groups of the back to suffer strain or  tightness. Massage can relax these muscles, which not only relieves immediate discomfort but also facilitates the effectiveness of any  chiropractic adjustments we may need to perform.
  • Headaches - Tension headaches are associated with muscle spasms in and around the neck -- especially the RCPM muscle,  which can tug on a membrane known as the dura mater to cause headache pain. Massage focused on the neck, shoulders, and base of the skull can stop this cause of chronic or recurring headaches.
  • Sports Injuries - Sports injuries may feature either muscle acute strains and ligament damage or chronic tendinitis due to repetitive motion (with tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome in tennis players serving as prime examples). Massage can boost blood flow to these injured tissues to help them heal.
  • Arthritis - Arthritis pain and stiffness is caused by inflammation within the joints. Massage therapy has been shown to increase pain-free range of motion while also boosting serotonin levels to improve mood in chronic pain sufferers.



Massage therapy is a popular treatment for tough and common pain problem like low-back pain, neck pain and headaches. QUALITY MASSAGE service is a worthwhile service for  anyone who want to get rid of muscular tensions. Along with good quality  of massage we see some types of massage especially so-called advanced  techniques and modalities.

Most common massage is  Swedish massage, which is mostly about lubricated kneading of muscles,  and a few other cliched techniques. Swedish methods are remixed  extensively into a variety of styles like RELAXATION MASSAGE,  VERSUS  SPORTS MASSAGE and even the culturally distinctive massage styles like  THAI MASSAGE.

These styles are just variations on  a theme and not really what mainly defines different types of massage  therapy. A serious general concern about the quality and effectiveness  of massage therapy is that there is so much emphasis placed on specific  branded techniques and styles. The massage world is fragmented into  dozens or even hundreds of these depending on how you count.


 LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE is an interesting example of a specific massage  techniques allegedly good for one thing and not much else. It's purpose  is to reduce swelling, By reputation it's the best treatment option for  patients suffering from "lymphoedema" a serious complication of  mastectomy and other surgical procedure. "SPINAL  TRACTION'' is often used by massage therapist to treat low back pain and  neck pain. It might be an effective technique for a few patients.


It is also a specific type of massage, mainly as treatment  of tendinitis. Hydrotherapy and other Spa treatment's are also an  effective treatment under supervision of massage therapists and Spa's

MASSAGE  THERAPY has alot of benefits hidden in itself like it reduces  depression and it reduces anxiety. Many people have pointed out that  massage is a very effective way to relax your body or mind. Massage  therapy is also proved a very promising solution for fibromyalgia  (FIBROMYALGIA)  is a condition of widespread body pain, severe fatigue  and mental fog. Mass therapy is reputed to be very helpful and certainly  many fibromyalgia patient's seek to it. In this condition massage  soothes the frazzled nerves of an uninjured patient. Massage therapy is  also providing some sort of its extent the FASCIAL THERAPY to patients.  This therapy helps in getting tight and restricting muscles.Massage therapy for treatment of some disorders has proven very effective.

Massage and Myotherapy

Research indicates that massage and myotherapy are effective in managing 

1: Chronic low back pain

2: Stress 

3: Muscle soreness

4: Soft tissue injuries

5: Anxiety.

 6: High blood pressure

 7: Insomnia .

It can also be effectively used to support people with 

• A chronic disease 

• A life threatening illness such as CANCER