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People with knee pain find their mobility severely hampered as they may have problems performing daily activities. Seek out knee pain relief with Dr. Mark Gabriel at The Wellness Center in Portland Oregon as we help people become mobile again. 

What Creates Knee Pain?

Almost 1/3 of all knee pain conditions occur from injuries. Slip and falls, sports traumas, accidents, or overextending while exercising are common causes for knee injuries. People may also have knee pain from arthritis, joint deformities, or some type of repetitive trauma. Understanding the cause of knee pain can help doctors provide the appropriate diagnosis and treatment to help relieve the pain.


What are Symptoms Related to Knee Pain? 

Most knee pain starts out gradually. The pain may be located at the back of the knee, sides of the joint, or at the front. A person may feel stabbing pains or aches when they walk, climb stairs, or perform certain motions with their legs. They may also hear popping, snapping, or crackling noises. If the knee locks in place or feels week, a person may start experiencing a lessening of knee function as they avoid doing favorite activities. 

How is Knee Pain Treated?

In Portland Beaverton Hillsboro, Oregon, The Wellness Center provides knee pain treatment so people can find mobility again and relief from their pain issues. Our staff provides non-surgical treatments in the form of acupuncture, massage therapy and other chiropractic services that target the areas of pain. People can also get supervised exercise treatments that can help strengthen the muscles and tendons of the knee to prevent future pain. Obtaining a thorough examination by our qualified chiropractic doctors will help people deal with the knee pain and find the treatment services that will work best for their needs.

Where Can I Find More Information About Knee Pain Treatments?

Have questions about knee pain treatments? Contact The Wellness Center for more information. We can provide additional details about our chiropractic care services and how our treatments can help people get back on the path to wellness so they can get back to enjoying the activities they love without dealing with knee pain. 

If you are suffering from knee pain, you should schedule an  appointment with The Wellness Center PDX in Portland. Our chiropractor  will perform a complete exam and use diagnostic tests such as x-ray,  MRI, or CT scan to determine the source of your pain. When this has been  determined, we can create a knee pain treatment plan to treat your condition and  help relieve your pain.