Degenerative Disc Disease


Degenerative Disc Disease Treatment with our Portland and Beaverton Chiropractor

When searching around for chiropractic services in Beaverton, Portland, Hillsboro or the surrounding area, it’s best to find an office with top-notch reviews and a wide variety of services. Here at The Wellness Center PDX,  we have those qualities and so many more! We are proud to treat a wide variety of conditions, and our chiropractors and medical team have decades of experience in the field. One condition that we effectively treat is degenerative disc disease.  

What is Degenerative Disc Disease?

This disease happens when normal changes in your spine cause you pain. Over time, our spinal discs wear out and break down. However, this normal process doesn’t usually cause pain. If you notice pain caused by these worn-out discs, then degenerative disc disease is the condition you have.  

Some Potential Causes of Degenerative Disc Disease

The discs in your spine consist of a soft inner core and a tough  outer wall. As you get older, these discs change. If spine pain is  caused, degenerative disk disease is the resulting condition. This  disease is caused by: 

Discs Drying Out

When we’re born, our spinal discs consist of mostly water. As time passes, these discs lose water and thin out. Although it’s a normal process, this lost water means less padding for your vertebrae. Although this usually doesn’t cause pain, it is possible.  

Cracking Discs

Everyday stress, including various injuries over the years, might lead to tiny rips in the outer walls of your spinal discs. The problem here is that those outer walls contain many nerves, which can be very painful if touched. In addition, if these outer walls are torn, the soft inner core can start to push through the cracks, which might cause it to bulge or slip out of place. Once nerves are affected, the pain will follow.  

How a Chiropractor Can Help

If you suspect that you have degenerative disc disease, a  chiropractor will first determine if you truly have a disc-related issue. Although it may seem like a disc problem, it is common to mistake a disc issue for another spinal condition. After asking you questions about your medical history, the pain you’re experiencing, etc., the doctor will then provide different techniques depending on the severity of the disease. Spinal manipulation and therapeutic massage are a few of the common treatments performed. 

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