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Almost nothing feels more crippling to a person than back pain. No matter how much a person tries to stretch the muscles, the pain persists or worsens. Finally find back pain relief by obtaining the chiropractic care services offered by Dr. Mark Gabriel at The Wellness Center in  Portland, Beaverton, and Hillsboro Oregon.  

Back Pain Relief Q & A

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What Treatment Does the Wellness Center Offer for Back Pain?

Most back pain can be treated through nonsurgical methods. Here at  The Wellness Center, we offer acupuncture as well as chiropractic care  and massage therapy to treat back pain. Before treatment begins, a full  examination of the back area and a review of the patient's medical  history will be performed to determine the cause of the pain. Then The  Wellness Center creates a tailored treatment plan based on the patient's  needs.


What Causes Back Pain?

No two people are alike when it comes to back pain. Surgeries,  injuries, traumas, medical diseases, tumors, and nerve compression are  just a few of the reasons a person experiences back pain. The back  consists of ligaments, nerves, muscles, discs, the spinal cord, and  other internal systems. A person can strain, injure or damage any of  these areas as they will feel pain in their upper back or lower back  region. 


What is the Best Way to Prevent Back Pain?

Seeking an early diagnosis when experiencing back problems can help  narrow down the reasons for the pain. People can also prevent further  damage from occurring and they can get the proper treatment in a timely  fashion. Speaking with a qualified chiropractor in regards to the back  pain, such as Dr. Gabriel at The Wellness Center, also provides a person  with additional information on the types of exercises and home  treatments they can perform in-between chiropractic treatments to deal  with the pain. 

How to Receive Chiropractic Treatment for Back Pain? 

Contact The Wellness Center to arrange an initial consultation and  evaluation. During the consultation, the staff will gather a thorough  medical history in regards to the back pain so we can form a pain  management plan that will work best in treating the person. Then, we  provide our care services to finally help relieve the back pain.