Your First Few Visits

The first few visits are about information gathering by our providers.

 This allow us to build a comprehensive picture of your condition.

Your first few visits could include:


X-Rays are taken on your first visit to evaluate the spinal curvature, joints,  disc space, skeletal health and to look for any reasons it may be unsafe  to do spinal adjustments 

EMG: (electromyography)

EMG(electromyography) is a nerve study for patients with numbness or  tingling to evaluate for nerve damage, impingement and where these are  occurring.  

Ultrasound exam

Ultrasound exam of the muscles and tendons to rule out inflammation,  dysfunction or injury. This is performed by the Naturopathic Doctor, who  also evaluates your needs for other services in the office and helps  coordinate your care.  


Acupuncture is highly valuable in pain care and is a time tested, safe and effective way to boost your immune system. 

As a multidisciplinary clinic we utilize the skills and knowledge of our entire team to guide your care. 

Stages Of Care

On your 3rd visit you will be presented with a treatment plan.

In the beginning of treatment it will be necessary to receive more frequent care. During this time we will: 

• Work on increasing circulation, range of motion and mobility to your joints and muscles. 

• Begin stretches and strengthening in physical therapy 

• Provide passive therapies (acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, injections) 

• Increase strength training as pain decreases 

 As your range of motion and pain improve, more exercises will be added so that the changes we are making can become long term. 

Insurance Coverage

We run a benefits check for all patients prior to their second visit.

Your treatment plan (from your 3rd visit) will outline the services  recommended as well as what your insurance covers We do our very best  not to land patients with unexpected bills and are happy to arrange  payment plans if needed.  


Monitor your progress in terms of pain scale and range of motion

• Allow your providers to look over your case at specified intervals 

• Are used to track your overall progress 

• Help us to alter your treatment plan and provide quality care 

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