Phases Of Chiropractic Care

Total wellness care at The Wellness Center PDX is a systematic process akin to building a strong house. We ensure the right order of chiropractic care to let your body repair itself correctly and fully. Here are the three main phases of chiropractic care:

health professional applying firm pressure to a patient's upper left shoulder

Relief Care

At The Wellness Center PDX, we begin with X-rays to assess spinal curvature, joint health, disc space, and overall skeletal well-being. Our primary objective is to reduce your symptoms, requiring frequent visits initially. Our comprehensive approach understands that pain is often a late-stage symptom, and we address the underlying condition.

provider depicted out of shot with patient walking them through documentation and ensuring they receive a tailored experience

Corrective And Restorative Care

We believe in affordable wellness care at The Wellness Center PDX and the benefits are endless. Whether you have insurance coverage or not, our flexible payment programs ensure you receive the care you need. We accept most local insurance companies and provide family plans that cater specifically to your family’s wellness needs.

health professional guiding new patients through payment plan and insurance options

Wellness Care

Once fully healed, routine chiropractic care at The Wellness Center PDX helps maintain your musculoskeletal system’s health. Continual care ensures longer-lasting joints and freedom from many common aches and pains, allowing you to enjoy the activities you love.

two people male and female depicted jogging along a trail celebrating healthy living and renewed life

Experience Collaborative Care Today

Our multidisciplinary clinic at The Wellness Center PDX leverages the collective skills of our entire team to guide your comprehensive care journey. Embark on your path to optimal wellness by contacting the location nearest you and learn more about the phases of chiropractic care.

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