Your First Chiropractic Consultation

At The Wellness Center PDX, we prioritize gathering essential information during your initial chiropractic visits to gain a thorough understanding of your condition. Our dedicated providers ensure a comprehensive evaluation to develop an effective treatment plan tailored to your needs.

During your first few visits, you can expect the following:

X-Rays For Evaluation​

Stimulate the Body's natural Healing Response through Targeted Trigger Points.

We conduct X-rays to assess spinal curvature, joint health, disc space, and overall skeletal well-being. These images help identify any potential concerns and ensure the safety of spinal adjustments.

EMG (Electromyography) Nerve Study

EMG for numbness and tingling to evaluate nerve issues

For patients experiencing numbness or tingling, we perform an EMG to evaluate nerve damage, impingement, and the specific locations of these issues.

Ultrasound Examination

Ultrasound examination by Naturopathic Doctors to assess muscles and tendons

Our Naturopathic Doctor conducts an ultrasound examination to examine the muscles and tendons, ruling out inflammation, dysfunction, or injury. They also assess your needs for additional services and coordinate your care accordingly.

Expanding Our Services

Comprehensive care for pain relief and well-being

While chiropractic care is a powerful approach for headaches, migraines, chronic pain, and various ailments, we offer much more than that. Combining acupuncture with adjustments improves vertebral alignment and promotes muscle relaxation. Other therapies, including posture correction, nutritional counseling, and massage, provide numerous benefits.

Furthermore, we provide aesthetic services such as IV therapy and Vitamin B shots to enhance your wellness journey. These comprehensive therapies collectively deliver pain relief, relaxation, improved function, and overall well-being.

Expert chiropractor providing personalized consultation to patient for effective treatment.

Experience Collaborative Care Today

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