Auto Accident Injuries


Our Portland Chiropractic Team Helps People Recover from a Wide Variety of Auto Accident Injury

Thousands of accidents happen on the road every day. At The Wellness Clinic PDX,  our Portland chiropractor and alternative medicine team meet people of all ages struggling with a variety of auto accident injuries - which may or may not present right away. 

Common Auto Accident Injuries

Among the most common auto accident injuries examined and treated by our team in Portland, we frequently see:  

  • Whiplash - a syndrome of neck pain, shoulder  pain, headaches, and other symptoms caused by the rapid whip-like movement  of the neck when the body suddenly stops or changes direction 
  • Shoulder Injury - this may include a rotator  cuff strain or tear (muscle fiber damage) or brachial plexus injury  (nerve fiber damage), often as a result of seat belt impact 
  • Disc injury - a herniation (rupture) or bulge  (abnormal protrusion out of place) can easily lead to impingement of  nearby nerves and other structures, causing numbness, pain, and/or  weakness in an arm or leg (as well as back pain at the level of the  disc) 
  • Knee injury - the blunt impact of the knee against  the dashboard can cause damage to the knee cap, tendons, and ligaments  around the knee joint (so-called "dashboard knee") 

Interestingly, some of these injuries don't show up right away following an auto accident injury, because hormones that surge during stressful situations (like adrenaline) can block pain for days, weeks,  or sometimes MONTHS before they return to their normal resting levels.  What this means is that just because you may feel "fine" after an accident doesn't mean you're necessarily injury-free! Our advice? Come see us right away just in case. 

How Our Auto Accident Injury Chiropractor Can Help

Every person's auto accident injury is slightly different, so your plan of care will be fully customized while still being non-invasive and drug-free (fewer, if any, side effects!). Our chiropractor and other  team members provide services including:  

  • Chiropractic adjustments - realign joints that have been jarred out of place, stimulate the release of natural pain-relieving hormones 
  • Acupuncture - insertion of small sterile needles at specific trigger points in the body modulates the nervous system and promotes healing effects in the immune system,  musculoskeletal system, metabolic system, hormonal system, etc.  
  • Massage therapy - manual pressure breaks up adhesions and tension in injured tissues and enhances circulation for better pain and stress relief 

Have You Been in a Car Accident Recently? Contact The Wellness Center PDX Today!

Contact The Wellness  Center PDX at (503) 389-5545 to schedule an appointment with our  Portland chiropractor and the rest of our natural wellness team! We'd be happy to help you get back out on the road to health following your accident. 

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